Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

There are too many memories of you (and still counting) which I can still hark back to as a grown-up. I can still picture on how it went and I recollect some of those thoughts and have to write it in my blog so I can look and read back on it whenever I want to.

I was five, the time when I had to run for a mile to catch you and give you your pocket-size brown comb that you used to fix your hair when you go to work.

Can still remember that you’ll always buy my favorite sour cream & onion piattos and yakult when I’m ill so I can calm on those times.

7AM on the second grade, you brought me to school and then you left off to work. I slid on the seesaw, my white kentucky shirt got fully covered with mud when I fell. I hastily ran to your auto mechanic shop just in front of the school, I cried because of dirt. As quickly you bought a shirt at the nearby market, so I won’t be late for class.

It was my 7th birthday when I saw a picture on the table at the back of the house. I got curious to see what’s printed on it. So, I approached and came close to have a look on it. The moment I stood beside the table, a delirious dog attacked and bit me. I was too little to run away and escape from it. You saw me there, briskly you pulled me to get off the mad dog — (I was so lucky that a fully equipped quack doctor was there haha).

I fell asleep as I waited for the news on the TV, I was 8 the night that I cried because we were tasked to write one from the news statements that we will watch, to be presented the next day which I failed to do so. Glad you were there, you wrote a piece for me, even though you didn’t watch the news haha. I was amazed and I memorized it then, so I can report it to class.

There are other memories untold that I treasure. These are just some of those remarkable, cutest, and sweetest gesture you’ve ever done as my father. Even there are times I know I was wrong but you’re still on my side. I love you for keeping your eyes on me and watch me grow. I didn’t know if you knew, so I’m taking this chance to say, I love you Dad!

Know that when you and Mom get older, I’ll take care both of you.

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Franze Garcia

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22 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

  1. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! You’re such a good son to your dad, I really witnessed it. Hope you achieve your dreams in life for you to give back what your Dad did to you 🥰


  2. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad, I could really tell that your parents are lucky and blessed to have you as their son. I miss my dad every single time, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him when he was alive that I wish I could. treasure those moments…:)


  3. This is such a sweet message for your parents particularly your dad. I am very close too with my Tatay and I always remember how good he is to me. You are a good person, I can tell by how much you showed care for your parents through this post.


  4. Many times, Fathers are overlooked for their efforts. Many fathers are real Ironman in our lives. This is such a touching story. Happy Father’s Day to your dad!


  5. The last line is so sweet. It’s a blessing that you have a lot of wonderful memories and a great relationship with your Dad. May he be healthy and happy all the time. God bless you and your family.


  6. What a sweet and caring son! Reading this made me think about my pops in heaven. Belated Happy Father’s Day to your dad.


  7. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! You got so many amazing memories and always made you smile. Im sure you will also a good parent some day.


  8. Aww this left me teary eyed 😭 so touching I love the way you wrote it. Happy father’s day to your dad he did a great job raising you I can tell you really love him 👏🏻


    1. Awwwww. This is super sweet. Like it’s really the little things you mentioned that matter most. I hope I can still remember great memories of my father when Inwas a kid. I wish I had more of them.


  9. Awww i’m sure your dad is proud to have such a sweet and loving son in you! Happy Father’s Day to him! He sounds like a great dad who’s always there for you! 💖


  10. Happy Father’s day to your dad! Your parents are lucky to have such a loving and caring son like you. ❤️


  11. That is such a heartfelt message! I’m not this close with my Papa but now that I’ve matured and I know that he’s not getting any younger, I made sure to make him feel loved the best way I know how. It’s amazing that you remembered so much memories.


  12. Belated happy fathers day to your dad. Fathers are pretty darn amazing, but they often don’t get credit for all that they do. This is a beautiful dedication and shows how much you love and appreciate your dad. ❤️


  13. this is a sweet tribute to your dad. I’m sure you have a long list if you are to have more time. do continue writing it. belated happy father’s day to your dad:-).


  14. super touching franz.. happy fathers day to your papa.

    alamo im not really ano, di ko maisip yung term, pero wala ako pakis a fathers day kasi i never experienced a father growing up. meron kung meron pero alamo yun. lucky are those who have their father by their side.take care of them, they are precious


  15. Ang sweet nito. Those little things our father did for us – they are worth remembering. Dun natin makikita yung pagmamahal ng isang anak sa isang ama at ama sa kanyang anak.

    My dad just passed away last March and I can’t help but be touched or get teary-eyed with posts like this. Continue to have positive relationship with your father and treasure your moments with him while you can 🙂 Happy father’s day to your Dad.


  16. Aww. I’m so touched! Your parents are blessed to have a good son like you 🙂 Belated Happy Father’s Day to your dad!


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