How Much Did I Save From My 9-Month Old Money Box?

I can still remember from the onset of the year 2020 I swore that I will save money in a piggy bank. I got inspired with the shared practices of Financial Coach Chinkee Tan. Something that everyone can use for different purposes such as Calamity, Emergency and Investment Fund.

Henceforth, I will place every peso and bills left in my purse and shoot in my container, but still keeping some cash-in-hand on the spot and cash-at-hand whenever needed.

I know that this is quite challenging to be everyone’s resolution, but we all know this is something that we could benefit from. This exercise will then shift everyone’s money mindset in different areas as well.

Filipinos are trying creative ways to save and stay motivated, until different ipon (saving) challenges emerged. One which caught my drive was the Peso Sense Ipon Challenge.

Here’s the Ipon Challenge template I followed:

100 pcs – 1 peso coin
90 pcs – 5 peso coin
80 pcs – 10 peso coin
70 pcs – 20 peso bill
60 pcs – 50 peso bill
50 pcs – 100 peso bill
40 pcs – 200 peso bill
30 pcs – 500 peso bill
20 pcs – 1,000 peso bill

I set no particular rules on saving, soon as I already have the spare specific coins and bills I persist to deposit it in the money box.

And, I don’t forget to shade the circle on the template.
Ta-dah! I was able to save a grand total of 53,750.00 PHP! 

What did I do to make this happen?

#1 I challenged myself

Growing up, I used to save money in my DIY piggy bank, money jar, or even a box. Even though I have my own bank account, I’m feeling something special, (if you know what I mean) about having a money box, it’s like I’m pouring water on a soil waiting for something to grow and harvest it on the latter. So, I challenged myself from weighing what are the needs and just the wants.

#2 I tracked the progress

So, I got to finally decide this method, the Peso Sense #IponChallenge, but I did it in my own way, something which I think is doable and I’m confident with. I got to easily adjust the amount I save depending on to what my budget allows. Also, consistency is really the key. If I didn’t save up last week, I’ll make sure I’ll be able to save double this week.

#3 I changed my mindset

As part of the Generation Z, I came to face paying bills early. So I got to spend what I can and save what I should. I do not compromise to pay the bills just to save, so I set saving as part of the bills as well haha. If I can’t pay it now, I’ll definitely make a way to increment it next time.

#4 I gave

I also need to take a part of my salary to give. To share to my parents and some sort to my sibs. If I give, it would lessen the money on-hand, then I will be challenged to save again to have something to give in the future. Simple as that, yes, they’ll be asking for some, but they won’t always ask. The important thing is that I have a saved back-up whenever needed.

#5 I set goals

Obviously, the reason behind this stuff is that I have goals, the reason why we all save. Of course, also having in mind about emergency fund, or something to use to what I aim for. It’s good to have things or go somewhere using the money you’ve hard-earned and saved all throughout.

Now, where’s the money?

Well, it’s all in good hands now. Something is soon to rise that I’d be gladly to share with you all. There’s nothing left from the money box. It’s all gone. Why do I feel that it’s so hard to start over again after the months that I’ve been through with this challenge? HAHAHA

Anyways, maybe the same routine again. One step at a time, until I got to finally shade all the empty circles completely again.

Saving is essential, but don’t ever compromise your wants. We only live once, we should spend the most out of it. Money can’t buy us happiness, yeah it’s from Price Tag. Just see to it that you don’t spoil yourself too much.

It’s not your salary that can make you rich, your spending habits will. Investment for yourself is a smart move, it’s a good catch for your short-term or long-term goals (coming from me huh?).

So, when are you going to start saving?