One Sometimes Finds What One Is Not Looking For

They say life is full of surprises and uncertainties. Even though we don’t know where we’re predestined to be, we still keep going. One we’re certain about is that there are ups and downs ahead of us, and we don’t get to be assured of what awaits for us next. Things which prepares us for something that is meant to come.

When we were born, our future is already written in our palms. The so-called “destiny lines” are believed to drive our undertakings to a certain direction.

But whatever these lines tell the possible life path we may have, ourselves and our minds play a pivotal role in shaping our own destiny. We create our own will, and this kind of stuff is just a mere guide.

In real life, there are some people who live by what itches their interest. Everything is already planned from the moment they eat breakfast up to what book to read before bed. All the things that went through were already expected and happened the way it was planned priorly.

Come to look at the bright side if everything is unplanned, we don’t get to know what’s going to happen next. There comes the excitement at the moment where we’ll either be happy on the outcome or wiser the next time because we learned from what happened. See? Both a win-win situation, plus there’s a thrill and an element of surprise. It’s like watching a movie, there’s a twist in the end that we didn’t see coming base from our expectation.

We may not have gone to where we intended to go to, but we may end up where we didn’t expect we needed to be at.

May we not be afraid of taking risks and have imperfect circumstances in life. We just need to have a heart and soul which are brave enough to let things happen unexpectedly. Be it job promotion, feelings from the person you love, a tragic or happy ending in a movie and even a yay or nay moments on a travel escapade.

Sometimes we must let go the need to control the outcome of what our plans and expectations are, trust the process and see what happens.

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Franze Garcia

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21 thoughts on “One Sometimes Finds What One Is Not Looking For”

  1. Beautifully written post. I love this. We need to remember that we end up where we are supposed to and get there how we were supposed to. Beautiful post, very motivating to let us remember to enjoy the journey and celebrate the happy times and learn from our mistakes for next time.


  2. I agree, sometimes things come to us when we least expect it! We can’t force what we want to happen. This was a lovely read.


  3. Completely agree that letting go and seeing what happens is a must in life. This way we really get to enjoy what life brings. Rather than letting expectations get in the way.


  4. i dont belive on the sayings that destiny is on the palm of our hand….people make his own destiny..even if you plan for something that you want to the end it wont happen because of some things that we cannot control going to the path that we my case,ever since i was a kid till i grew up i always wanted to serve in the military..but now i end up working as a chef on a cruise ship


  5. Such a beautifully written post. This is where perfectionism comes in. We get so wrapped up in being perfect we forget that we need to let go and just leave it up to the stars.


  6. Great post and I agree with you. Sometimes what you worked for is not what you really needed. and it is fine


  7. I can say that i used to be that kind of person. Maybe I’m a little like that until now. The future is still uncertain, but i goals to pursue which are both scary and exciting. Would be so great to get caught up in an unexpected whirlwind romance tho. Hahaha


  8. I love this! Sometimes you need to work out things for you to find out what’s the result but always looking the bright side and the positive one.


  9. This is the most beautiful post I have read for a long time. It reminds me to live fully and take life as it comes and makes every moment counts. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I always say that God never makes mistakes. He takes us on journeys that are designed to build us for the next level in life.


  11. I am a big advocate of being present in the moment. Being present, when working towards a particular goal, prevents you from having the blinders on. This means, that you can save time and correct course, if you are open enough to realize that the situation has changed, the goal is unattainable, or the goal is no longer desired.


  12. This post really spoke to me. I think there is a lot of freedom in releasing control or having to be on the right track or having to be right all the time. Thanks for the reminder.


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