You Always Have A Choice

You find yourself sitting on the rooftop at 2 AM, bathing at the moonlight, staring at the stars and not hearing anything from the whole town after it has gone to rest, (aside from the neighbor’s caterwauling cats as always).

Not a bad idea, just you in the middle. Peaceful. Quiet. Cold.

new york city GIF by Quote Catalog

Thinking how the day went so fast and soon enough the sun will erupt for the place to be busy once again. It’s during these calmest pauses and serene moments that you’ll realize, what your heart truly desires in life.

You have no one but your inner-self which will help you with what and where you incline to be.

Actually, it’s all in your front already. The choices and options were there. Maybe what hinders you is your fear, there’s so much more you can do and you can be if you’re not afraid. Think about it.

Fear will be gone if you choose the path where your heart truly desires. Trust me. It’s a tough choice to make knowing ahead that it will require your fullest potential, and you have to because it is where your mind goes when you wander.

Let your cells work for you. Come to think of this, why do you close your eyes when you’re praying, when you’re dreaming and even when you feel like crying? It’s because the most wonderful things in life are not being seen but only felt by the heart.

Every little step that you’ll take is what will make your journey complete. Enjoy every step of the way, fill your heart with it. You can’t go back and change what you chose to begin with. But you can start where you are and remold what you desire.

Your mind may always set fear, but let your heart break it. You always have a choice. Let go of what’s caging you. To the point that you set yourself free. And when you do, it’s during this time you truly live at the moment (and happiest).

You can sleep now.⁠ ⁠

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Franze Garcia

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33 thoughts on “You Always Have A Choice”

  1. Like talking to yourself. Struggling in achieving desires must use thoughts, feelings and also listen to the conscience. At least physical effort will also be accompanied by a strong mental and heart. Thanks anyway


    1. One of the things that I miss in the Philippines, sitting on the roof and star gaze that I rarely see here now in Scotland .


      1. Our choices shape us. That’s a fact. So we must make a conscious effort to live the life we want. Love the night time photos here btw 🙂


  2. Now that I am back in city, I miss the small town where I work, I miss the rooftop. Yes if we just think we have a choice, we do….


  3. This blog is so enlightening! “Let your cells work for you.” That hit me hard! Sometimes our choices just held back because of not enough guts to pursue it!


  4. People may think that they have “no choice,” I beg to defer. All of us always have choices, and we are exercising them every day. Shitty job? You could quit and pursue your passion. Problematic relationships? You could start communicate effectively or let it go. Easier said than done, I know. Buuuuutttt if you keep thinking that you have no choice over your situation, that’s exactly how it will remain.


  5. I almost do not know what to say bec I’m in a point of my life right now wherein the choices that I would make is whether for my happiness or simply being practical in life. Life is tough kaya sometimes we choose things based on how to survive. Anyway, this is an incredible piece. If I had read this before bedtime, baka mas lalong hindi ako nakatulog. 😀


  6. I like it when you said that the best things in life are not seen but felt in our hearts! This is so true! And this is such a moving read! ❤️


  7. I so love it when you say the best things in life are not seen, but felt by the heart. I totally agree


  8. This was a great read. Haha. I have let go some of my fear and it has allowed me to go after and achieve so many things. Of course there’s risks involved, but you have to brave through it!! (Sobrang di na ata ako natatakot sa sobrang kapal ng mukha ko. Lol)


  9. At the end of the day, we have a choice to move forward or to stay on our current state. It is normal during this time of the pandemic to feel stressed, fear of what will happen next but you should know how to handle it and find ways to manager those fear and stress.


  10. yes,you always have a choice. and enjoy your youth with the choices you make. once you need to think of others, like your family and children, it will be more complicated because it will not only be what your heart desires that would matter. so, while still young make the smart choices and be happy with these.


  11. One thing I learned in life is letting go of fear. If I was always fearful, I wouldn’t leave the house ever and have a wonderful life I am enjoying now. Fear is only in our minds, and it is our choice to embrace it or learn to let go.


  12. “Maybe what hinders you is your fear, there’s so much more you can do and you can be if you’re not afraid.” Fear has 2 uses: to save you and to destroy you.

    Fear is part of our revolutionary nature. Without it, humans would have not survived.

    “Your mind may always set fear…” That is true! So choose which fear to keep and which fear to conquer.


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