Notes to Self

I call it a day! Now, I am here in my personal space, a corner in our house where I contemplate matters, write a thought or two, and get my job done.

As I stare out the window, the rain keeps on pouring, the sound of it is a piece of music in my ears, a lullaby I find peaceful and relaxing. It calms my weary soul. It feels amazing how a moment like this makes me think of my affirmations to stay sane and have a positive outlook in life. I believe it’s not a bad idea to share with you all what notes-to-self I keep on reminding myself every day.

But let me tell you that growing up, I know I’ve been hard to myself, glass half empty at times, and can’t deny that I used to compare my self to others. Now that I’m older, people and different instances in my life were placed which taught me lessons I needed to learn, though, in a hard way, I was able to somehow pull this list off.

#1 Be a Better Advocate for Yourself

I learned to know myself more, what I’m capable of, what my wants are, and whatnots. I always speak my mind for I know what’s right and not. Now, I stride my way when to say yes and no for such circumstances. Along the process, you should know thyself, know thy need, and ways how to take action to get it.

#2 A Broken Heart can Teach the Best Lessons of Life

I believe that there’s no wrong person in everyone’s life. Every person has been handpicked by God to play a specific role, to shape us to the kind of person He predestined us to be. I know that He placed a person I needed to teach me lessons. I might be broken and memories may bring back but from that, I can say I became stronger. So, let us be grateful, trust God for He has done nothing wrong.

#3 Don’t Clean Up the Cobwebs, Kill the Spider

Some problems and hurdles occur at times, and sometimes on repeat. Clearing the cobwebs till there’s none is good but it’s definitely not a bad thing to end the main cause to stop what’s knocking me down over and over again.

#4 Put a Space In Between Things

Now and then, I believe there’s a perfect time to pause for a moment when I needed to rest, and in my pursuit of peace of mind. Also applies to say NO at times, because no matter how hard you try, you can’t do everything at once honestly.

#5 Save a Seat to the One’s Who Choose You

Not everyone deserves a seat in the table of one’s life. I’m very open and real about things but as I grew older, I realize how to save special seats to certain people whom I trust and value. We share the common thoughts and uplift each other’s spirit. Release those who turned their back, and make space for the certain people who choose to stay.

#6 You Do You

Always remember not to measure your progress using someone else’s ruler. Well, I don’t live up with other’s expectations, knowing that I can’t control how people interpret my action and energy. If they can’t see me, they are not for me, and I’m not for them as well. At the moment, I learned to realize I’m no longer worried by the trivial things that once used to drain me.

The sound of the rain is so inviting. I’m getting sleepy now. Anyways, here’s to another note to self: Invest to put myself to bed early, haha. There a lot of other notes and affirmations I have in mind, on the list are the main deals I realized and learned. What about you? I know you have your list too. It could be way longer than mine, I’d be glad to read it on the comment section below. Care to share your notes to yourself? Till my next one.

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Franze Garcia

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35 thoughts on “Notes to Self”

  1. Hi, Franze. I do too believe that God choses carefully the persons we meet in our entire life, to help us understand certain lessons.


  2. These are some great tips, especially about killing the spider. Its easier to deal with the immediate issue and not treat the root cause.


  3. All the things you shared made me reflect as well! I like #2 and #3 the most! More posts like this 🥰


  4. I love number 4, yes we need to pause sometimes when we need to rest and mas nakakapag isip kasi tayo ng mas maayos.


  5. Don’t Clean Up the Cobwebs, Kill the Spider – True. Find the root cause & address it! Good thing is that we can remain positive and hopeful because of God’s help. Yey!


  6. This is so motivational and can help readers who are going through difficulties. Knowing that they are not alone on these type of journies will keep them inspire. This can even save a life.


  7. For me, I’ve always been passionate. There is no greater joy than doing the things you truly love. My no.1 note to myself is to give it my best when it comes to everything I do. In whatever venture I invest myself in, I always carry the question if this is something I see myself doing in the long run and if this is what I am passionate about.


  8. I agree with your 6 points. We tend to be too hard on ourselves or ignore a problem, thinking time will fix it. We also need to learn that not everyone is a real friend & only make space for those who are with you through good times and bad.


    1. #1 hits me so hard. You really have to know yourself especially at these trying times. We have to focus on our own needs. But let us not forget those who also need our help. Great article!


  9. Awwwwwwww. I love this blog so much because it’s so real. I wish I could sometimes look at things from that perspective. My mind right now is a very toxic battle ground with everything happening and I hope that I can turn it off or be at peace.


  10. I truly believe in #5, Every single day of your life is a precious gift and you shouldn’t waste your time on people who wouldn’t give two sh*ts. You deserve to be with someone who will never stop choosing you over and over. This someone is going to treat and respect you the way you truly deserve. They are ready to do whatever it takes to wash all of your worries away. Because the thing they want the most is for you to feel safe and loved in their arms. ❤️


  11. Thanks for this inspiring post! Yung #2 madalas kong #NoteToMyself every time na may dumadating tapos biglang nawawala. Yung bang “pinagtagpo pero di tinadhana” feels ko.


  12. I can’t help smiling when you mentioned about cobwebs, and it is a huge YES! KILL THAT EFFING SPIDER!!! Glad you are finding so much inspiration. Always have smile 🙂


  13. Definitely agree with no. 6! Ilang beses na ako na nadala ng peer pressure pero nowadays mas tahimik ang buhay ko cause I just go and create my own flow. Hindi talaga pwede na nabubuhay ka to exceed other’s epectations, kasi in the end mabuburn out ka. 😀


  14. I really enjoyed reading your writing it resonated with me so much. I believe I n taking breaks and I know everyone in my life was placed there for reason.


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