How Much Of Your Life Has Already Been Lost To Waiting?

I just woke up from a deep sleep. This morning smells like dreams which I can’t remember. My eyes were blinded with the glare of the sun on the window pane. It’s 10 o’clock, woke up this late because I needed to work and finish my stuff last night to reach my quota and tick all the boxes of tasks to accomplish until my exhaustion. I’m fully recharged now and I want to write something motivating.

Let me ask you, how long have you been waiting? How many wins and how many losses? Think about it.

Learning to wait for things always fall into place, they say. But, you wait and wait for something then you felt sad about the outcome. Are you still going to wait?

Perhaps yes, I know you. You believe that, if it’s for you, then it will be given to you. And if it’s not for you, maybe it’s a redirection.

What if I tell you that there is no such thing as perfect timing and circumstances?

Waiting for the perfect time, waiting for your dream job, waiting for the promotion, waiting for the approval, waiting for someone to love you back, maybe someone to come back, or someone who will slap you and wake you from the reality that, timing doesn’t favor those who were ready, timing favors those who try and those who were not afraid.

Don’t wait for the perfect time, or for the things to get better. Don’t wait for the right opportunity, or even for the right one. Know that life will always give you lemons which will make things complicated. Why don’t you pull up your sleeves, burn the midnight oil, grit your teeth to get everything you want? It is just like riding a bicycle, you must step on the pedal over and over again to keep you moving.

The person you’ve been waiting will come if you’re worthy to be loved. The promotion and approval you’ve been wanting will happen if you worked even harder than those who work hard as well. The job you’ve been dreaming of will happen in your life if you’re willing and able to pursue it. And the perfect time you’ve been waiting all along will eventually come depending on when you will put yourself into the real action. Guess you’ll run out of time if you don’t do it now.

As I am writing this piece, the mood rises and the mixture of positivity is overflowing. Let me wind down this a bit and ask you.

What if you tried your best, and you still did not succeed?

There is the drive and the passion to get what you want, and yet life doesn’t give the favor to you.

Remember, timing favors those who try and who were not afraid. Yes, you tried but, were you fearless? Vanish the thinking “I tried but, I failed. Maybe it’s not for me, I’ll wait for the perfect time, instead.”

Oh, com’on! Have you not read or heard to someone about the proverb, “Fall seven times, stand up eight” Choose to never give up and strive for more.

In the end, it still depends upon you, I may not know where you are coming from, maybe it’s good for you to try and just wait for some time whenever you’re ready. Um, maybe if you try, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, or you’ll succeed. Who knows?

Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest
if we do not give up

Galatians 6:9

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Franze Garcia

Head in the clouds. 💭

38 thoughts on “How Much Of Your Life Has Already Been Lost To Waiting?”

  1. This is a really a great reminder! There are moments where I feel unmotivated esp. during this pandemic, so much plans are delayed and cancelled. But if you truly want to accomplish that goal, got rejected once or twice, you can still try and try. Kung gusto, maraming paraan ❤️

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  2. I agree so much on this! Someone told me for example that if you wait till you’re ready to have kids you will never be ready! That’s why we just jumped in to parenting


  3. People that usually put things off until tomorrow will usually do the same again the next day. Great post mate, imperfect action is better than no action.


  4. I have wasted almost 7 months now just waiting for the perfect time which I have now realised will never come. It’s time for me to start moving and stop putting things off.


  5. In the last couple of years I try to discipline myself that I shouldn’t be waiting no more for things to happen.


    1. I had my moments when I did wait for the right time, but most of the time I am impatient and do chase it than wait. I experienced lots of things in life because I didn’t wait for the bus. And never regret them.


  6. Great tips…I have adopted the mentality of just moving forward, prioritizing in order to get through what needs to get done.


  7. In short “ walang mangyayari kung tatamad-tamad ka”. Yes, I agree, things won’t happen in an instant. You have to work hard if you want to achieve something. You have expressed a good point. Maraming dapat makabasa nito.


  8. This is a beautiful reminder, especially in this pandemic. I’m guilty of waiting and waiting and waiting. I have so many plans, but I always tell myself that the perfect time will come. After reading this post, I realize that nothing will happen if I kept on waiting for the right time. Maybe I’ll just keep on trying than waiting, right?


  9. Waiting i guess depends on circumstances. All my life i grab opportunities like i’d regret it if i dont. Im an impatient type of person too that when i know what i want or even if i dont know what i want and something came, i’ll go for it! I guess waiting is applied when, even if you tried everything and time does not permit, we just have to wait.


  10. This is so motivating. I always believe that hard work will always pay off, in one way or another. And that’s what I understand from this post.
    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Waiting without action is nothing. You need to work hard, maybe harder.
    I remembered one of my childhood’s favorite movie, Men of Honor. It’s a story about a person who never gave up until the very end.


  12. I agree with not waiting for the perfect timing. _ can still recall that one of my former boss telling me about it. He said that I seem to lack courage in going out of my professional comfort zone – NOW is the right timing.

    Your article is indeed relevant.


  13. This speaks so much truth! People tell me that I’m ruthless in pursuing my dreams. Sometimes I get called aggressive or even a bitch for knowing what I want… And chasing after them. I don’t believe in waiting. I’m too impatient for that. But I don’t regret one bit. Love this article!


  14. I never wait. I go after want I want do my hardest to achieve my goals. But yeah, I’m still not as accomplished as I planned on being. It sucks. Maybe I just have the worst luck in the work or maybe it’s just not meant to be. But I totally agree with you in not giving up. Not like there’s anything better for me to do right?


  15. The truth is, we all hate to wait, I hate to wait. But it is something inevitable. Even now, we are all waiting for a vaccine to combat this COVID virus. But you know, there is wisdom in waiting. Waiting is not tantamount to idleness. Sometimes, we are so busy with our lives that we are missing what’s really important. This pandemic teaches us to pause, slow down, and yes, to wait and focus on what really matters.


  16. Aw I’m very relate to this! I’ve been waiting for the right person for almost 20 years I’m late in 20’s but I’m still waiting for the right person who can accept me for who I’m and see my worth. Waiting is a virtue but sometimes it’s kind of frustrating. Thinking that he didn’t answer your prayers.


  17. Knowing that there’s never a perfect time, place, or person can be empowering. But it also takes wisdom and/or maturity to know when not to pursue something and pivot or rest.


  18. Hi Franze! t’s weird how I get really anxious whenever I think about my life’s what ifs. But I have to agree on almost everything that you’ve said here because I tried waiting for something too and it didn’t up well. I was so sure at first na mangyayari. I got my hopes up too high, expected too much and that’s where it got me. Masyadong masakit yung binagsakan ko. And now, I’m just letting my life takes me to where I should be and I really hope that this time, life favors on me.


  19. you know what i really believe sa right timing and right moment. parang ive wanted something so bad pero never binigay sakin, tapos sabay ngayon, biglang binigay at the specific time of my life. eh noon lahat na ng best ko binigay ko wala talaga,, me tamang panahon talaga ang lahat.


  20. Yung ilang araw na ko nag-iisip ng kung anu-ano sa buhay buhay at ang laking tulong nitong post mo. Feeling ko isa ito sa mga sagot “you’ll run out of time if you don’t do it now”. Thanks for this reminder!


  21. you’re overflowing with positivity and that’s good! it’s good to have a go-for-it mindset. just be mindful of the people around you, too. whether one’s attitude affects others or not. basta walang naaapakan o naaagrabyado, go lang!


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