Take Solitude To Take Time For Mental Health, It Won’t Make You Fragile But It Will Keep You Strong

It’s a cliché for everyone to equate people who tend to be alone as dispirited, downcast, or anti-social. And for some, it’s an agony for them seeing people who desire in the solitude state. But the antipode, that state can be really putting someone in good shape for some aspects.

As for my mantra, I can be alone for as long as I like, doesn’t mean that I’m being lonely or depressed, it’s just that I can get fully accustomed to the feeling as I fully embrace it. Actually, choosing to be alone is very essential for my self-realization thus, it yields me to relax my mind to its utmost tranquility until I get motivated. Into the bargain, being alone also taught me a lot of valuable lessons as I live.

I established doing things I really enjoy. Whenever I’m constantly with the amity of other people, I always have to adjust in order for everyone to feel relished and it’s fine. But if the circumstance won’t go their way, I tend to apologize for their agitated feelings. There are also instances that I got to second-guess if I have done something exasperating for them to feel disgruntled. Egocentric it may sound but I want to yearn that the things I want should not be compromised. Unless I’m on my own where it’s easy to actually do everything I set my heart on. Whenever I got to do things I really enjoy, I felt freedom, and from loving it, there’s the feeling of happiness.

I ceased to deem for everyone’s validation. In the end, it will always be me to utter final words to every deed I’ll make. Yes, I value others’ opinion but I value more about what I think and how I would feel after. At times, I ought to ask for a bit of advice from a colleague or a friend. But, I always try to ask myself first, I guess, the more I do it alone I develop resiliency. I became sturdy to rely more on my decisions no matter what verdict people may give, whether right or wrong as long as I have pushed myself to be really capable of. As they say, If I live up from people’s approval, I’ll definitely die from their rejection.

Being in the solitude state helped me build a vigorous relationship with other people. Spending time alone for some time succored my mind to focus and recharge my brain. And the time consumed in solitude state gave me a substantial appreciation for myself. It also let me realize how valuable it is to have a relationship with other people where I’m unmindful before I have actually done my “me-time”. Upon rebooting myself I was able to really find what my desires are in life and create better choices to decide who I want to spend my life with. I know that at times I choose to take the road less traveled but I’m not going to walk alone.

And as for everyone, in the state of being alone, various things will be taught, and the greatest learning I’ve taken from it is that I have proven myself and let my cells dance knowing that I can do things that I have never imagined that I’m capable of, I was able to really know and be sure of who I really am in the midst of solitude.

Take solitude to take time for mental health — it won’t make you fragile but it will keep you strong. The sure thing is you’ll also find answers.


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Franze Garcia

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19 thoughts on “Take Solitude To Take Time For Mental Health, It Won’t Make You Fragile But It Will Keep You Strong”

  1. Loneliness is not always a bad thing, it is often really an important moment to be with ourselves and listen to us.


  2. You are an amazing motivator..keep it up! your words have a deep meaning and they means lot..very true all of the mentioned points are true..we all should have all our quality time which we spend with and for ourself only…in which it seems like no anything matters except us..! Amazing work…!


  3. What a beautiful post! Indeed, solitude is much needed in our lives, not just now but for the future. I like my weekends a lot because I am always by myself.


  4. I think we should and not it’s bad thing or not but we must have alone time in my opinion. I always do it every day to organize myself and relax.


  5. When you learn to appreciate being alone, you will also be happy being with others and feeling cranky when you suddenly feel alone. Self-love must be our priority so that we can share that love with others.


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